For the first time we understood the importance of smoke and fire ductwork, how to make it and price it and how to answer all of our customers' questions."
Shay Connolly
Shay Connolly
Thor Duct ® Fire Duct Licensee, AC Manufacturing Ltd.

Licensing Thor Duct ®

Local markets need local suppliers, people who they know, like and trust. That is why we have developed a licensing model for Thor Duct ® (formerly Safe4 ®) products.

Become a Thor Duct ® Licensee and add EN tested and certified ductwork to your product mix. These can be used in smoke extract, kitchen extract, passive and pressurisation scenarios from your own facilities.

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Advantages of Becoming a Thor Duct ® Licensee

Market Leadership

Access to and representation of a certified and accepted market leading brand.

Extensive Testing

Avoid the need to invest in testing and certification. Access the most extensively tested products at a fraction of the cost.

Complete Ducting Package

Increase customer retention by offering a complete ducting package.

Full Training And Support

Access to a wealth of technical knowledge, extensive training and support.

Continuous Improvement

We invest in continuous product development, so you can be sure you are always offering world-class market leading solutions.

Next Steps

Differentiation is the key to strong growth. Thor Duct ®’s distinct advantage will differentiate you from your competitors.

If you are interested in joining an extensive network of licensees delivering Thor Duct ® products to countless projects across the globe, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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