Benefits of Becoming a Licensee

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In our experience local markets need local suppliers, people they are comfortable with and trust.  To this end, we have developed a licencing model for Safe4 ®, which offers an EN tested and certified ductwork, from your own facilities, for use in smoke extract, kitchen extract, passive and pressurisation scenarios.

Becoming a Licensee for Safe4 ® has a number of clear advantages.

  • Access to and representation of a certified and accepted market leading brand.
  • Bypassing the need to invest in testing and certification, and avoiding all the risks associated with the testing phase, and at a fraction of the cost
  • Quicker access to the passive fire market
  • Retention of your customers, offering them a complete ducting package
  • Access to test improvement and product developments
  • Ability to differentiate yourself in your market

Our licensing partners have found that been able to offer Safe4 ® to their local market has enabled them to upscale and future proof their business, and given them a great advantage over their competitors. Our Licensees, once they have gone through our training process become experts in their local markets, and sell on a technical compliance basis rather than a lowest cost basis. This sets your company apart from the competition – you can offer a fully compliant, rigorously tested, quality fire safe ductwork. How many of your competitors offer that? 

Back in 2015 there was no fully compliant EN fire rated ductwork in Ireland.  Being 1st to market has proved really successful for ourselves, and shows it can be for other ductwork manufacturers across all CEN member nations. We understand that compliance is the key for Fire rated ductwork.  That is why we have done all the hard work in testing so our Licensee Partners can offer a trusted reliable product to their customers. 

There are a few steps to achieving a licence, beginning with an expression of interest and meetings, where we get to know each other and develop the partnership. We are adding new Licences to our network every month, and have an extensive network in Ireland and the UK, as well as the Middle East. We want to create strong relationships with our partners to ensure mutual success. This means training throughout the organisation, from production floor to board room.  We will also help you through the factory production control process to achieve certification.

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