As fire strategy evolves, it is becoming a feature of every ductwork package to have an element of smoke, kitchen and fire ductwork incorporated into the package. Without the skill sets and knowledge to offer this component, ductwork companies with ambition will be left behind.  Gaining that experience and knowledge, together with meeting compliance is a long expensive investment, with no certainty of results.

Safe4 ® through its licencing model, offers ambitious ductwork companies, access to this lucrative market. Safe4 ® is a tested and proven fire ductwork product, meeting all the local and international codes. It’s a fast track for any ductwork enterprise to offer their clients a one stop solution for ventilation, meeting both the comfort needs and fire strategy needs of the client.

Within a few months, your teams, from production floor, estimation, sales right up to and including the board of Directors, gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to offer competency through access to Safe4 ®.

You move from being an observer of the market, to a competent and specialist manufacturer and installer of fire ductwork systems. Safe4 ® offer the training, the technical specifications, the marketing and the support to enhance your business

We believe in empowering local manufacturers to meet their local market.  No one knows your customers like you do, and no one understands fire and how to be compliant like we do.

Rather than test for 3-4 years, at a cost of seven figures +, within a short number of months, you can be active in your local market, for a fraction of the cost. And because Safe4 ® is always testing and expanding its market offering, you gain from all that research and development undertaken by Safe4 ®.

Your customer remains your customer, and becomes more dependent on your
offering to ensure that he remains compliant with the very latest standards. You become his partner, and we become yours.  With access to all the necessary raw materials, and access to our knowledge database, we provide all you need to set yourself apart.

If this is what you have been looking for, pick up the telephone or email and we will be happy to extend an invitation to discuss shared opportunities.

How to License Thor Duct ®

Offer your customers the very best in fully compliant fire ductwork solutions.