Michael Renaghan

Michael Renaghan

Technical Staff at Air Force H & V Limited Actively supporting our Licensees and users of the Safe4 ® Complete Fire Duct Systems and intimately involved in design and testing, training of the end users and specifiers, and the development of sales channels. Michael on Linkedin

Training & Education

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Most people have heard of new EN standards notably 12101-7, 1366-1 and 1366-8, but unfortunately many haven’t quite grasped their significance.

The need for ventilation in buildings creates challenges in maintaining a fire strategy.  Where ventilation passes through multiple fire compartments, a detailed understanding of the role played by fire resisting ducts is essential.

Many people have heard of new EN standards notably 12101-7, 1366-1 and 1366-8, but haven’t quite grasped their significance.

At Safe4 ®, we fill that information gap, by providing fire professionals and engineers with technical support, and CPDs through our education program.  We also help property owners, local authorities and specifiers with a detailed understanding of how to futureproof their buildings with compliant smoke, kitchen and fire ductwork solutions. Terms such as flashover, Fire types A and B, Type C, orientation, combustible linings, 300 – 500 – 1500 PA, leakage, class S etc., all need to be clearly understood, because they have a bearing on the suitability of the product selected for a client.  We understand the concepts, and we are skilled at training organisations to understand this complex area.  We train from the production floor right through to the board room.

Our training can be categorised as follows:

  • Production Floor & Management
    How to manufacture each duct type, with documented guidelines
  • Quality Control
    Meet FPC requirements and quality maintenance
  • Estimators
    Identify the application, selection of correct standard, pricing.
  • Sales
    Advantages of the product, suitability and application, specifications.
  • Installers
    Correct installation guidelines and certification
  • Management
    Resource planning, timings, costings, material sourcing
  • Consultants & M&E
    Specification writing, product approval.

Sharing the knowledge is important to Safe4 ®.  A well-informed buyer will understand the value Safe4 ® brings to the table. 

Documentation is delivered at each stage of the training process and questions invited and answered using published extracts.  With an extensive library of relevant material, we support our training with the latest information, validating each and every claim independently.  For those with responsibility for product approval, this is an invaluable tool.  Our online offering allows members access to refresher information and a fast look up service for important details.  A full free CPD (Continued Professional Development) series is available online for access from Safe4 ®.

We are happy to share our experience so your specification is compliant and robust.  It’s vital to meet the code, and we all want a fully compliant specification, product and installation.  Just call us or mail us for access to our knowledge base.

Need To Know More?

Contact us today to find more about training and CPD from Safe4 ®.

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